Alexis Marshall

My comrade in arms, Alexis is an expert in Venetian plaster and natural clay finishes.  She's proficient in fine wall finishes and a painter of beautiful artworks.  And she's a lot of fun to be around!


George MacDonald

George is a contractor presently building custom kitchens, but he knows how to do just about everything.  Honestly, he solves all my problems. 


Dave Paras

Dave has flamed two of my cars so far.  He has a natural hand and unfailing eye for balance and form.  He custom builds and paints hot rods and will smile and wait patiently until you let him do it his way.


the paint girl

Christopher Irick

Chris restores antique and classic automobiles, specializing in 70's muscle cars.  He's the best, he lets me sand once in a while and he's my baby brother.


Bill Tippin

Tippin Guitars

The finest sound comes from the finest hand-made one-of-a-kind guitars made with the finest of rare woods.  And expert repairs on antique string instruments.  Everything I know about sanding, I learned from Bill. 


Mark Shasha

Mark is an actor, a singer/songwriter, and an illustrator and writer of children's books.  But most of all, he is a master painter the most magnificent landscapes and views of the coast I have ever seen.  He is generous with information on how to paint and is always willing to answer my yelp for help. 


Kevin Searl

Kevin is a wallpaper hanger of the highest order.  When perfection is critical, have Kevin do it.  He has been entrusted with the most superior varieties of wall coverings and delivers magnificent results.  And he juggles!


Bernice Hartnett Wallflowers

Bernice is the queen bee of top- of-the-line decorative finishes, glazing and graining and a specialist in color and color consultation.  And, she's a tennis champion!


Michael Stoloff

Okay.  This is where I get picky, because my father was the best painter ever.  Michael's superior craftsmanship puts him at the top of the list.  His hand-painted surfaces are flawless.   And he takes his barbecue pretty seriously too.


David Taubeneck

Fantastic Finishes

David is the authority on refinishing and restoring fine furniture, and the master of finishing architectural woodwork.  He specializes in kitchen cabinets, furniture, libraries and floors.  His wood finishes are for the most discerning.


A Team of Experts

Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with some of the best in the business.  I've been employed in a myriad of different fields related to decorative finishes and paint work.  This page serves as a resume, a list of references and a directory of artisans from whom I have learned so much.

If I don't know how to do it, I know who can!

Brian Mihelis

Owner/AdPro Design

Brian is a sign designer who specializes in vehicle graphics and corporate signage.  Along with designs in vinyl, he is classically trained in the art of hand lettering, and likes to break out the brushes to pinstripe  your ride!  Brian's talent with old school methods makes him exceptional with graphic aesthetics.


Peter Colao

Owner, Minister with Portfolio

Wooden Kiwi Productions

I met Peter when he built a fantastic set for "Spamalot." His company provides brilliant entertainment production and dance flooring.  And he's really nice!


"small flightless grub eating birds to the stars"